Tea & Coffee 4pc Set
Tea & Coffee 4pc Set
Tea & Coffee 4pc Set
Tea & Coffee 4pc Set
Tea & Coffee 4pc Set
Tea & Coffee 4pc Set
Tea & Coffee 4pc Set
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Tea & Coffee 4pc Set

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Does your Coffee/Tea Station need an upgrade? Our 3 Piece 550ml pack are the perfect solution!

Our 550ml square glass/bamboo containers are about to change the look and feel of your coffee/tea station, not only do they look amazing they are airtight and perfect for storing all your dry ingredients. Made from high quality durable glass.

Our value pack includes:

3 x 550ml (10cm x 10cm) Glass & Bamboo Jars

1 x Bamboo Teaspoon

3 x Labels

Container Features:

  • Silicone seal to lock in freshness
  • High Quality Durable Glass Container - making it easier to see your goods
  • Easy to re-fill

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