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Square Glass/Bamboo Pantry Container - 950ml

Square Glass/Bamboo Pantry Container - 950ml

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Our new square glass/bamboo containers are about to change the look and feel of your pantry, not only do they look amazing they are also going to save space in your pantry because of their slim square shape and the ability to stack them on top of one another. Perfect for storing all your dry ingredients. Made from high quality durable glass.

Container Features:

  • Stackable 
  • Silicone seal to lock in freshness
  • See  through- making it easier to see your goods
  • Easy to re-fill

Container dimensions: 10cm x 15cm

Labels sold separately - you can find them here




    • Please be aware that colours pictured may be slightly different to colours in person. 
    • Shipping costs will vary depending on volume of your order and where your order is being delivered too.
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    • Labels can get wet after 24 hours of being applied but are not dishwasher safe.

    Label it Labels are not responsible for any errors or damages that occur to the labels during the self-application process.



    Clean the area that you are applying the label to thoroughly with warm, soapy water or an alcohol wipe. It is best not to use any other products as this may affect the adhesive.

    If applying labels to a wooden surface, ignore this step.


    Prepare the label by firmly rubbing over the label for a minimum of 20 seconds with a credit card or similar. This will help the vinyl to adhere to the transfer tape and eliminate any air bubbles.


    Slowly and carefully peel the white paper backing from the transfer tape. If any of the letters cling to the backing paper, replace the backing and repeat step two until it is all transferred to the transfer tape.

    Please note: This step can be time consuming AND frustrating, however, it is important to follow and the results are always worth it.


    Once you have peeled the paper backing from the transfer taoe, place the label onto the surface and rub firmly with your fingers.

    For best results, wait 24 hours before continuing onto step 5. However, this is at your discretion.


    Slowly peel away the transfer tape at a slight angle. Be careful when peeling that the label does not peel off too.

    Tips if having difficulty:

    • If in step 5 the label is coming away with the transfer tape, replace the tape and firmly rub the surface again as you did in step 4.
    • If you're still having trouble, using some fine point tweezers or your fingernail to grab a letter while peeling off the transfer tape can help just enough to adhere to the surface.
    • Patience is key!
    • Some surfaces may require more patience than others.
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