Toy Storage/Playroom Labels
Toy Storage/Playroom Labels
Toy Storage/Playroom Labels
Toy Storage/Playroom Labels
Toy Storage/Playroom Labels
Label It Labels

Toy Storage/Playroom Labels

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Organise your children's play space with our customisable labels. It's so important to teach your kids the importance of organisation and to put things back where they got them from, and by having categorised tubs/baskets this can help them. They will always know where to find that toy car or beloved doll.

Our labels are custom cut to order from premium permanent vinyl. We will include instructions on how to apply labels, please follow these instructions to ensure the best result. 

Labels come in two sizes:

Medium: up to 14cm wide (depending on word length).

Large: up to 20cm wide (depending on word length).

Designed to suit the ikea-type containers. 

Buy in bulk & receive up to 40% discount. 

Please Read Before Ordering

  • Please list labels wanted in the 'label required box' exactly how you want it seen including capital letters. Please do not write in all capitals unless this is how you want your label printed. Please also note fonts 4, 10, 13, 16, 18 and 25 are only available in all capital letters.
  • Label size may vary depending on your longest word. The longest label will be the maximum size. All other labels will be 'up to' that size. 
  • If you do not specify the colour/font of labels you require - we will email you, this may delay your order so please be specific. 
  • Please be aware that colours of font pictured may be slightly different to label colours in person. 
  • Shipping costs will vary depending on volume of your order and where your order is being delivered too.
  • For refunds or exchanges, please see our refund policy.
  • Labels can get wet but are not dishwasher safe. Please read instruction flyer that accompanies your labels.